We integrate
with your company
to help you solve
business problems


What type of challenges can we help you with?

As digital partners integrated within your company, we can help your team tackle a variety of challenges:


We'll help you understand the context and evaluate your capabilities to identify interesting opportunities, define realistic objectives and make better long-term decisions.

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Ask as about:
  • • User Research
  • • Customer Segmentation
  • • Brand-Building
  • • Innovation Discovery
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Master Splinter
Ask as about:
  • • Visual Identity
  • • UI/UX design
  • • Mobile App
  • • Web App
  • • Web Design
  • • E-commerce

Digital Product

We’ll help you materialize concepts into tangible solutions and bring them through market release and beyond.


We’ll help you develop the capabilities, resources and processes required so that you can compete and thrive in the digital world doing what you do best.

Ask as about:
  • • Cloud Strategy
  • • CRM Implementation
  • • System Integration
  • • Team Training
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Ask as about:
  • • Creative Copywriting
  • • Digital Storytelling
  • • Multimedia Production
  • • Social Media Assets
  • • Marketing Automation


We’ll help you define major communication themes and structure the rollout of key messages throughout the available touch points.

Who do we
integrate with?

Regardless of your size, experience or industry, IQTHINK can help you improve what you do and how you do it.

Start your strategy

Whether you are an entrepreneur with a clear business plan or a passionate creator looking to make an idea come true, technology can help you improve processes and outcomes throughout the conceptualization, validation and prototyping phases.


Expanding operations or venturing to new markets require big changes and tough decisions. The strategic use of technology and its proficient application will be critical in increasing your ability to do more (and do it better) as you evolve.

Non Profits

When you are looking to make a BIG difference every little decision counts. Technology can help you run your organization more efficiently and amplify the positive effect of all your good intentions.


Whether you are anticipating change or just reacting to it, technology can help you leverage your strengths and exploit untapped potential. This way you’ll be able to pursue new opportunities and remain competitive wherever the wind blows…

Start your strategy

It’s like having your
own IQ department

We align with your management to understand your objectives and then work closely with Marketing and Development teams within your organization to make cool things happen. Oh, and don’t worry, If you don’t have tech capabilities yet we will fill the vacuum and help you with everything digital-related, and beyond. Its not outsourcing, or extending your IT department.

We make amazing things happen by aligning first with your Management team to understand your objectives and then moving to work closely with your Marketing and Development teams. Our outstanding tech expertise will go beyond filling any related voids. Its not outsourcing, or extending your IT department.


IQTHINK as an Enabler

We put our digital capabilities and tools at your disposal to make ideas and projects come to life. We’ll handle the production, and implementation of all technological solutions and systems so you can focus on what you do best.


IQTHINK as a Catalyst

We thrive to accelerate and improve all outcomes of your company's technological initiatives. Our strategic and creative vision offers perspective, guidance and assistance to your teams. We are always one call away.