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We integrate with your company to help you solve business challenges.

We align with your management to understand your objectives and then work closely with Marketing and Development teams within your organization to make things happen.

Since 2007 we've worked with organizations around the world.


The application that optimizes processes involving installations and repairs of the largest dealer service center.

Master Splinter

What type
of 💪 challenges
can we help
you with?

As digital partners integrated within your company, we can help your team tackle a variety of challenges:


Define objectives and make better decisions.


Materialize concepts into tangible solutions.


Define the major communication themes and structure.


Develop the skills, so you can compete in the digital world.

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The IQ Way

Being close to our partners enables us to understand their frustrations and aspirations better. That's the key component in the chemistry that breeds great results. In order to integrate better with your company our work is based on 4 key principles.

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