Empathy-driven work relationships breed great results

In order to integrate better with your company our work is based on 4 key principles:

Small and nimble
beats big,
all day, everyday.

We value efficiency and we know our clients do too, that's why we work in small teams. With less hierarchy comes less communication barriers, and good ideas don't drown in red tape, they come into action immediately. When Individuals feel important they are more likely to voice their opinions and challenge those of others, which ultimately we believe that leads to better decisions. This way everyone's contributions are visible and they care more about the work they do. That's what we are all about.

Why it matters to you, our partner.

Small teams don't just mean cost-efficiency-but clarity, accountability and speed: Faster reactions, follow up, and the flexibility to maneuver as your needs change in real time. Our goal is to move at your speed, because that's what real integration means.

Small nimble
Co creation

Co-creation makes
the dream work.

Co-creation makes
the dream work.

We know tech, but our clients know their business far better than we ever will, so working together is the key to effective integration and its success. We want to create relationships in which our partners can continuously share their thoughts, crazy ideas and concerns; we'll provide the focus and inspiration so all insights, regardless of where they come from, have a chance to bloom into meaningful innovations.

Why it matters to you, our partner.

By capturing the collective wisdom and unique perspectives from employees and external experts, we make sure that solutions are not just relevant, but viable and profitable, too. By being involved in the process, your engaged and empowered teams will understand where ideas come from, why they matter and how they become long lasting and effective solutions. That's the IQ formula for solid relationships and sustainable results.

Simple is smooth,
smooth is smart

When it comes to problem solving we work hard to identify the essentials and help our partners maintain focus on what matters, so they can prioritize and make better decisions. We put usability and practicality first, so that processes are transparent and manageable for all. We believe raising a business' IQ is about creating an environment in which people become smarter because they understand the principles behind all strategies and technologies.

Why it matters to you, our partner.

Dependency doesn't build healthy relationships, facilitating how you work and improving what you do, does. At IQTHINK we are committed to making the most of what you already have, not introducing unnecessary systems, or technologies that don't mesh well with you current infrastructure. Your budget, and specially your teams, will appreciate this.

Simple smooth
Care way

When there is care,
there is a way.

Integration allows us to understand our partners' needs and objectives in depth, and that means realizing that some requirements might fall outside our usual scope. We work with experts across disciplines to make sure the right knowledge and resources are available on-demand, helping us to complement and supplement our skills when the task-at hand requires it.

Why it matters to you, our partner.

We understand requirements change fast because threats and opportunities emerge abruptly. However, you shouldn't need different providers to deal with those. Real integration means we change as you do, and our structure and methodology enables us to just that. Strong relations are also flexible relations. From the mundane to the complex, you can always count with our perspective and input from any of our expert collaborators.